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Rollinsford Tax Collector

Tax Collector - Andrea Cass

Tax Collector Hours

Monday          9am – 1pm
Tuesday         9am - 1pm
Wednesday    9am  - 1pm
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Property Taxes

You can now access detailed balance and payment information, twenty-four hours a day.
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Town of Rollinsford Tax Maps

The link below will take you to the Town of Rollinsford tax maps that you can view and download as PDF files. 

The maps include all parcel boundary changes made through April 1. The color parcel maps show the individual parcels along with parcel dimension information, public footpaths, Rights of Way, parking areas, building footprints, etc.. The parcel maps are in 'pdf' format and require freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing.

Property information shown in the parcel maps was compiled from the existing Assessor's Tax Maps maintained by the Assessor's Office. Parcel boundary data was NOT compiled through property research and recompilation. The Town and its mapping companies assume no legal responsibility for the information, errors or omissions on these maps.

  • Tax Maps - By downloading and opening the index page an individual map page can be opened by clicking on the appropriate map number of interest. For example, if you are interested in seeing parcel 12-10-0, '12' is the tax map for where that parcel is located. Open the file and scroll to map 12 (map numbers appear in lower right-hand corner).  The lot number is 10-0.

Exemptions & Tax Credits

Exemptions and tax credits available to Rollinsford residents who qualify:

  1. Optional veterans’ tax credit - $500.00 for qualified residents.  A copy of Form DD-214 must be submitted with Form PA-29.  Service in a qualifying war or armed conflict is provided in New Hampshire RSA 72:28:  SECTION 72:28 STANDARD AND OPTIONAL VETERANS' TAX CREDIT.
  1. Elderly exemption per age category:

65 – 74 years of age

$ 50,000.00

75 – 79 years of age

$ 75,000.00

80+ years of age


         Income and assets limits apply to elderly exemptions as follows:

Income Limits:



$ 32,000.00


$ 36,000.00

Asset Limits:






To see if you qualify for either the veterans’ tax credit and/or elderly exemption, complete and submit Form PA-29, with all required documentation, to the Rollinsford Town Office after December 1st but before April 15th for review by the Board of Selectmen.  Please note that the Board of Selectmen have decision making authority with regard to all applications. 

For complete details, please review the information provided in Form PA-29 as well as the PA-29 instructions.  If you have questions, contact Andrea Cass, Tax Collector at 603-742-2510 Ext. 309


Taxpayers wishing to request an abatement should complete an Abatement Application to Municipality, and file the abatement application with the municipality by March 1st.

Please note that the filing of an abatement application does not stay the collection of taxes; taxes should be paid as assessed on or before the due date. If an abatement is granted, a refund with interest will be made.

Printable Forms and Instructions:

Form PA-29
Form PA-29 Instructions
Abatement Application
Abatement Application Instructions

Low & Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax Relief Form

Click here to download the Tax Relief Form and detailed instructions. The form must be filed with the NH Department of Revenue Administration no earlier than May 1st and no later than June 30th.


Business Phone: 742-2510
Business Fax: 740-0254

667 Main Street
P O Box 309
Rollinsford, NH 03869

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